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Effective and not greasy!

Great Product!

Love this sunscreen for its ease of use! Gave it 4 stars instead of five because I wish it was just a little bigger for the price.

Would recommend

Effective and not greasy!

Best facial screen we have ever brought

It's easy to apply, doesn't leave your face feeling like it's slathered with cream and when golfing doesn't run into your eyes like most sunscreen.

Great sunscreen for face It is a staple for our house

Very nice and helpful, easy to use.

Great feature

Good purchase... easy to apply on your face. Not greasy

Fantastic! 5 out of 5 stars

I have combo to oily skin that’s prone to breakouts, and this is hands-down one of my favorite sunscreens. No mess I’ve been using it for a year and have never broken out from it or had any other reaction. And much better value (and product in general) than most by cosmetic brands.

Superior product with benefits!

I have been using Players Shield stick sunscreen since early this Spring. It is a great product. It applies easily without oily feel, doesn't mark clothing, doesn't have a heavy scent. It is wonderful under makeup. I am fair and it protected me from sunburn all Summer.

My skin is sunburn free

This is the best long lasting sunscreen that I have found. It is not greasy and does not come off during a long sweaty day on the course.

This product is absolutely incredible!

This product is absolutely incredible! The sunscreen dries almost immediately, and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue. It also dripped into my eyes while fishing on Lake Tahoe, Florida, and it didn’t even irritate my eyes in the slightest! I am from Northwest Indiana, and used this product on a week long trip to Florida, which I’ve never been to in my life, and Players Shield kept me from getting a single burn during my week long vacation. The waterproof technology even kept my hands from being burned while constantly dipping them in the water fishing. It is completely eco-friendly and reef friendly as well! I recommend this product to any outdoorsman or any persons looking for a good sunscreen.

No mess

Finally a sunscreen that understands golfers. I can apply in the morning before I go out and it protects me all day. It doesn't get all over grips because it goes on dry. Great work!!

Fair Complexion

With my fair complexion I burn very easy. This worked great. Goes on nice, no mess and no burn all day!

My kids use it too

This stuff is great. Worked fantastic on the kids with them in the water all afternoon.


We keep a stick in the car for using at the kid’s baseball and soccer games. I’ve had precancerous legions removed and must use a highly effective sunscreen. Players goes on dry. No mess or smell. Highly recommend.

Thumbs up

It didn’t help my golf game, but Players kept me from burning. No mess. Easy to use.

Best Natural sunscreen

I used promo code and saved shipping charges.

Best Product!

I use Players Shield on the water, off the water, in my truck, for work and even on the golf course! Sun protection is something everyone needs to be aware of and this is the product that will save your skin!


Finally an all natural product I can use on my face and lips. I love being outside but with Lupus I have to protect myself.

Last whole 18

I love this stuff. I used to have to reapply at the turn, but with Players, it last the whole round

Best Product!

I have the most sensitive skin in the world, and this product is amazing! I only had to apply one time for the whole round.

I am a believer.

It always bothered me having greasy hands after putting on sunscreen and then trying to swing a golf club. Thankfully I found this product Players Shield, and LOVE it! It goes on dry so no mess. I would highly recommend.

Quick and Easy!

Wish I had this stuff years ago! I always hated spraying sunscreen directly in my face, this makes putting it on so much easier. No sunburn, no stinging eyes, great product for every player.